My 2400 point list all painted up!

I’m playing in Buckeye Battles this coming weekend.  It is the biggest tournament in Ohio – 100+ entries.   To get ready for the tournament I had to go ahead and get my army all painted up!  This is the High Elf List I’ve been playing with in my Battle Reports and that is linked at the top of the page under High Elf List Prototype.

Huge shout out to Bob Marley, who put in some serious time with me last night to get it done!

I still need to apply texture paint and wash it on the bases of the knights and 2 units of reavers.


12 Dragon Princes w/ Full Command, Banner of the World Dragon

My Prince has the Flaming Sword – MyBSB is the guy with the Lance that used to be on a Griffon (he has the star lance on his sheet – it was a fitting conversion)!  You can’t see my Wizard, but he is behind the unit champion (blue barding) on his zebra.  That other flaming sword sticking up is him.


4 units of reavers! Blue, Red, Purple, & Yellow Feathers!


Pontiac & Snowflake – The lone blue guy is for a special scenario called the Messenger.


20 Archers – I like the old models better than the new ones!


The whole army!



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