12. High Elves v. Chaos Dwarfs! 6/15/13

I was lucky to get a game in against chaos dwarfs a couple of weeks ago, but hadn’t gotten around to writing up a report until now.

It was a weird game and my notes were not that great, so this isn’t as good as I’d like it to be.  I also stopped recording what the Sorcerous Portal did early on as it had basically no impact on the game.  I hate that terrain feature!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy.


High Elves v Chaos Dwarfs!


Location: Eastside Games n Cards
Date played: Saturday, June 15, 2013

Chaos Dwarfs

General: Bob Marley

  • SP Sorceror Prophet
  • B BSB
  • GWR1 5 Goblin Wolf Riders
  • GWR2 5 Goblin Wolf Riders
  • GW 38 Great Weapons
  • FG 20 Fire Glaives
  • KD K’Dai
  • DS Daemon Smith
  • MC1 Magma Cannon
  • MC2 Magma Cannon
  • R Rocket

My list is the one linked at the top of the blog under High Elf Prototype.



Deployment after Vanguard Moves


Archmage – Apotheosis, Drain Magic, Arcane Unforging, Walk Between Worlds, Soul Quench

Sorceror Prophet – Lore of Metal – Searing Doom, Plague of Rust, Enchanted Blades, Glittering Robe

Daemon Smith – Fireball, Flaming Sword of Rhuin

I don’t have a copy of the list and am not a Chaos Dwarf Expert. The smaller unit of infantry had the halberd guns and the bigger unit had Great Weapons. I’m not exactly sure how the Daemonsmith was positioned. He was in range of all 3 artillery pieces.


Chaos Dwarfs 1

Magic: 8 v 5

1. Not exactly sure how, but his Dameon Smith acquired a Str. 3 Breath Weapon

2. The Sorcerous Portal Put Wyssan’s on the K’Daai!

3. He used 3 dice to put Glittering Robe on the big unit. I let it go.

4. He attempted to cast Flaming Sword on his Shooting Guys. He used 2 dice, I stopped it with 2 dice.

5. He attempted to cast Plague of Rust w/ 3. I stopped it w/ 3.

Shooting: Yeah the ability to move and shoot guns is huge!

1. He wiped out my unit of reavers sticking out from the house.

2. His artillery got 2 reavers and 2 archers.


Elf 1


1. My left most reavers hid from his guns behind the hill.

2. The reavers by the house hit the flank of his wolf riders.

3. The fire bird moved over the house to threaten a walk between worlds fly over.

4. The Chariot and Prince Bus moved up.

5. Reavers on right moved up to block the K’Daai.

6. My archers charged and crushed his Wolf Riders and ended up moving waaayyyy forward.

7. The frozen turkey moved up to threaten the flank of his k’daai and the rest of his lines.

Magic – rolled a 4 & 3 – giving my phoenixes +1 Attack

1. I channeled making the dice 8 v 4.

2. I used 4 dice to cast walk between worlds on my fire phoenix – he scrolled it.

3. I used 3 dice to cast arcane unforging and got it off. I only managed to put 1 wound on his general though as I rolled a 1 when it was time to try and destroy an item.

4. I used Drain Magic w/ 1 dice to take glittering robe off of the big block of infantry.


1. I got a wound onto the k’daai

2. I got one wound on the big unit.


1. My reavers crushed the wolf riders and reformed to face the center.

2. My archers beat up the wolf riders and they broke from combat. I pursued, caught them, and ended up far far away from where I started.


Chaos Dwarfs 2


1. So pretty much what I was trying to prevent happened. He declared a charge against my reavers with the k’daai. I elected to flee and rolled snakeyes. He rolled really high and went 14″ into my bus.

2. The big block tried to charge something and failed. He stumbled up about 4″.

Magic – 10 v 6

1. I did not write down what happened with the portal.

2. He cast fireball with his daemonsmith on my fire bird. I let it go through, did nothing.

3. He cast glittering robe on the k’daai w/ 3. I let that one through as well.

4. He tried to cast enchanted blades on his shooting guys w/ 3. I stopped it w/ 3.

5. He used 3 dice to cast flaming sword on the shooters. I stopped that w/3 as well.


1. His shooters put 1 wound on the firebird.

2. The Magma Cannon killed a reaver and put 2 wounds on the chariot.

3. The Rocket did the str8 shot and just destroyed the fire bird.


1. I did 0 wounds to him. He did 0 wounds to me thanks to my 2+ against flaming attacks.

2. I won combat by 3 and he took 3 wounds, because of unstable.


Elves 2


The diagram isn’t quite right.

1. The frost phoenix charged the flank of the big block. Was dead on flank charge on the table. Here it is hard to tell.

2. I don’t know why I did this, but I made a long charge with the chariot into the big block as well. Really stupid as it is fragile and those guys have great weapons.

3. My archers continued to move up and maybe threaten some war machines.

4. The reavers hid behind the house and hill to preserve points.

Magic: I rolled a 6 & 4 – putting + 1 ward save on snowflake

1. He channeled making magic 10 v 7

2. I used 2 dice to move my archers 10″ straight ahead with walk between worlds.

3. I used Arcane Unforging on his general to kill the expensive ward save talisman. I also did another wound to him.

4. I cast Apotheosis with Irresistible Force on the chariot. It recovered both wounds, and my ward save from the banner bailed me out against the blast template.


Bus v K’daai

1. I did no wounds and received none in return.

2. I won combat by 3 and the K’daai popped.

The Big Combat

1. The chariot did 4 wounds.

2. Snowflake killed 1 through his attacks.

3. The chariot took 3 in return.

4. Snowflake took 1 wound.

5. Thunderstomp killed another 2.

6. He lost combat by 2 and stuck (stubborn).


Chaos Dwarf 3


1. His Shooters turned to shoot my archers off the table.

Magic: 6 v 3

1. He cast flaming sword on the fireglaive guys w/3, I stopped it w/ 3.

2. He got enchanged blades off on the big unit.


1. His fireglaives killed 4 Archers.

2. One of the Magma Cannons got from the unit by the bus.

3. The rocket misfired.


1. The chariot did no wounds.

2. Snowflake killed 3 with his attacks.

3. The chariot lost his remaining wound.

4. Snowflake took no wounds.

5. Thunderstomp killed 2 more.

6. I won by 2 and he stuck again.

7. He reformed to face the Frost Phoenix 1 deep, but crazy wide. He did this so that if I charged him with the bus, it would limit my attacks to one model and basically take forever to grind through him. This probably wasn’t legal, because of some models moving more than double their movement, but that didn’t occur to me at the time.


Elf 3


1. My bus charged his firegliave guys in the flank and made it.

2. My archers made the charge into his rocket. This was probably a stupid move as his crew are tougher than my archers and stubborn, but I figured it was worth it to tie it up.

Magic – rolled 6 & 1 – +1 ward on phoenix

1. I managed to put apotheosis on the phoenix to recover his wound.

The rest of my notes are very unclear.


Phoenix v Big block w/ great weapons

1. Snowflake killed 3.

2. He took 0 in return.

3. Thunderstomp killed 2 more.

4. I won, but he stuck (stubborn) and reformed for ranks.

Bus v Fireglaives

1. My prince crushed his unit champion in a challenge.

2. My bsb, killed 2.

3. The rest of the unit got 4.

4. My unit took none in return.

5. He broke and I pursued, catching him and stopping an inch or so away from the artillery.

That was the end of the game as my opponent conceded. My knights could have just rolled up his artillery or reformed to crush the great weapon unit from the back.


Post Game Thoughts

1.  The ability to move and shoot on units like the Infernal Guard with Fire Glaives and Ogre Leadbelchers really hamstrings my reavers.  I ended up just hiding 2 units for the vast majority of the game just to preserve points.  Definitely disappointing.

2.  Snowflake is a total badass.  There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot he can’t deal with in combat.  I definitely do not think I needed to charge the chariot in to support him.  He would have been just fine.

3.  My use of the reavers still sucks.  The block I attempted on the K’Daai was a pretty epic fail.  I should have just sent the bus after it to get it out of the way.

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